CDM №:2985
Original release date (CD-Maximum): 2010
Style: Heavy Metal
The long-awaited 8th album of Russian legends is their first studio offer since 2006. Literally, MASTER is one of the bands that established Soviet metal scene in the middle of 80’s. Since then, the band has changed its direction from trash to heavy metal, and many renowned musicians have been members of MASTER. Before the recording of this album the band changed its line-up once again, and having been reinforced with fresh blood, MASTER presented 11 new album songs and 3 bonus tracks – a real triumph of true heavy metal and solid musicianship.
Besides the keeper of MASTER’s traditions, the only permanent member of the band, brilliant bassist Alik Granovski and Lexx, the vocalist on the latest few CDs, MASTER is: Andrei Smirnov, young guitar player also well known due to a modern metal act EVERLOST, one of Russian endorsers of renowned guitar brands; legendary drummer Oleg Khovrin, who played in various acts since 80’s including the cult band ZEMLYANE; excellent guitarist Leonid Fomin (also power metal band CHARIZMA). A few keyboard parts for this album were played by one of the original members, Kirill Pokrovski. The song Oni Kak My was originally released on Maniac Party album under the name They Are Just Like Us in English.
  • Alik Granovski – bass, keyboards
  • Lexx - vocals
  • Oleg “Cobra” Khovrin - drums
  • Andrei Smirnov – guitars, acoustic guitars
  • Leonid Fomin - guitars (7), solo-guitars (11-13)
  • Special guests:
  • Kirill Pokrovski – keyboards (1, 7)
  • Alexander “Plaster” - drums (2, 4)
Tracklist (total time: )
  • Vos'maya dver' (intro)
  • Zamri
  • Bul'dozer
  • Sud idet
  • Bol'shoy Brat
  • Vozdukh!
  • Stal'naya dver'
  • Chelovek-Sarancha
  • Rubite machty
  • Bereg illyuziy (bas-solo)
  • Kings of rock-n-roll (RU)
  • Oni kak my (bonus)
  • Kings of rock-n-roll (bonus ENG)
  • Nachalo vos'mogo (bonus)
mp3Vos'maya dver' (intro).mp3
mp3Sud idet.mp3
mp3Bol'shoy Brat.mp3
mp3Stal'naya dver'.mp3
mp3Rubite machty.mp3
mp3Bereg illyuziy (bas-solo).mp3
mp3Kings of rock-n-roll(RU).mp3
mp3Oni kak my (bonus).mp3
mp3Kings of rock-n-roll(ENG).mp3
mp3Nachalo vos'mogo (bonus).mp3

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