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МАСТЕР / S Petley Na Shee
CDM №:2681
Original release date (CD-Maximum): 2007
Style: Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal
The second long-length album of the pioneers of Russian thrash metal. Together with other metal monsters KRUIZ and ARIA they established heavy metal scene in USSR and then in Russia. The band was founded by four original members of ARIA, who decided to play music, which would be faster and heavier. Released in 1989 by Melody on vinyl (the first and only Soviet record label), it sold more than 2 million copies in Soviet Union at that time. It was the first album produced by its members themselves. The LP was recognized as the best metal album of 1989 in the native country of Master. Digitally re-mastered.
  • Andrei Bolshakov - guitars
  • Alik Granovski - bass
  • Mikhail Seryshev - vocals
  • Sergei Popov - guitars
  • Igor Moltchanov - drums
  • Kirill Pokrovski - keyboards
Tracklist (total time: )
    mp3Ne Khotim.mp3
    mp3My Ne Raby.mp3
    mp3Kogda Ya Umru… (instr.).mp3
    mp3Bozhe, Khrani Nashu Zlost'.mp3
    mp3Amsterdam (instr.).mp3
    mp3Sem' Krugov Ada.mp3
    mp3S Petley Na Shee.mp3

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