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Founded at the end of 2003, ARTERIA is a relatively young band formed by experienced and respected musicians. The mastermind of ARTERIA is Sergei Terentiev, renowned Russian guitarist, songwriter and producer. Before starting his solo career, he became famous playing with ARIA. He worked with the Kings of Russian heavy metal for 8 years and recorded several important albums such as: “Notch’ Korotche Dnya” (1995), “Sdelano v Rossii” (1996), “Generator Zla” (1998), "Tribute to Harley-Davidson" (1999), "2000 i odna notch’” (1999), “Khimera” (2001). After leaving ARIA he helped Valeri Kipelov, ex-ARIA vocalist, to organize the new band KIPELOV and stayed there for some time, but finally decided to concentrate on his solo career. The other musicians in ARTERIA changed over the years, but all the time it were big names on Russian metal stage and real professionals. The band plays classical Russian heavy melodic metal with great melodies, solid and high-quality instrumental parts and high clear vocal parts along the best traditions of Russian vocal school.

ARTERIA was founded in November 2003 as a solo project of the guitarist and songwriter Sergei Terentiev (ex-ARIA, ex-KIPELOV). At first, the project re-released «Up To 30» instrumental solo album of Terentiev, originally released in 1994. Digitally re-mastered, this record saw the light of day in May 2004 under the name «Up To 30 + Infinity» with several bonus tracks (a few classical Aria’s songs). The bonuses were recorded together with the vocalist Alexei Bulgakov (LEGION) and Dmitri Kiritchenko, the rest of the instrumental parts were done by Sergei Terentiev himself.

ARTERIA turned into a band with regular activities and stable line-up in the middle of 2004. The bass player Robert Boim (ex-BETRAYER) and the drummer Sergei Yeranov (LEGION) joined Sergei Terentiev and Alexei Bulgakov. The debut album “Leti Na Svet” was finished in the summer of 2005. Despite the fact that the album was warmly welcomed by Russian metal fans, the musicians decided to leave the band because of the work in their main projects. Segei Terentiev had to find some good replacements. The guitarist Vyatcheslav Selin, the bassist Nicolai Korshunov (ex-TOMCAT) and the drummer Alexei Barsilovitch (ex-VALKIRIA) finally formed the instrumental part of ARTERIA. The most difficult task was to find a new vocalist and in the end the former vocalist of SHADOW HOST Sergei Sergeev was invited to the front-man position. With these musicians ARTERIA recorded the album “V poiskakh novoi zhizni”. After the recording sessions Alexei Barsilovitch left the band and joined Catharsis. He was replaced by Sergei Kutaev (ex-SHADOW HOST).

On September 2006 ARTERIA joined Margarita Pushkina’s project DINASTIYA POSVYASCHENNIKH. Segrei Terentiev became a producer of the album. In January 2008 the line-up was changed again. Newcomers were the following: Yuri Macarov (bass), Andrei Volkov (vocals) and Eduard Sheronov (guitars). They started to work at the third studio album of ARTERIA and also at a few other special projects.

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Leti Na Svet
Cat. №: 2372 | 2005  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal]
The debut album of the band founded by Sergei Terentiev, former ex-guitarist of such great names on Russian metal scene as ARIA and KIPELOV.
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V Poiskakh Novoi Zhizni
Cat. №: 2523 | 2006  [CD-Maximum][Heavy Metal]
The second studio offer of the band founded by Sergei Terentiev, former ex-guitarist of such great names on Russian metal scene as ARIA and KIPELOV.
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