MORDOR / Glamour, Glamour !
CDM :2919
Original release date (CD-Maximum): 2008
Style: Heavy Metal / Industrial
The debut album of one of the most mysterious bands that have ever shaken our souls by the anvil of industrial metal and bewitching trance cocktail. Highly explosive mix of dance music and rhythms with social anti-establishment texts (in Russian) and hellish atmosphere. This wild dance metal will make your body explode and will rush into your mind. The album was recorded by very experienced persons and mastered at "Masterdisc Studios NYC" (Germany) by the famous sound engineer Howie Weinberg (RAMMSTEIN, PANTERA, NIRVANA, U2, DREAM THEATER, RAMONES among others).
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Glamour, Glamour - track by track

From ancient tales, from nightmares -

Mordor marches off. Hard riffs and rude truth. A knot of snakes hisses and lures to the dreamy world of

Glamour. The world of gloss and emptiness. The world of cocaine skeletons, illusive flights and deep falls. One wrong step - and you are -

The lower depths. You will learn true freedom here. Take off your watch you dont need it to measure time. Through vaults and tunnels you will find yourself in the land of empty eyes, at the disco party by

D.J.Voorda a pale vampire, which plays his set on your vein. Colored poisons and biting thorns. Grey morning and everlasting -

Fear. Dont look round in vain!!! Listen to the heavy rhythm of steps behind your back and try to overcome the horror. The fear is inside you! But -

Hombre Pajaro - has no fear. A mysterious monster, a bird and a man, an ancient Mexican legend. With the sounds of Latin guitar, turning into wild punk, on his solver wings he flies over the desert. But lots of people wont understand all the happiness of the flight - they are - 

Superstars - far and cold. Covered with diamond dust. Those who lost their orientation, beautiful but funny, they keep on visiting endless parties, but they dont suspect that the severe dance of death will soon wash away their cheep shine. To punish them comes -

Fitness the killer. Your life is dangerous. Train your body but dont touch your brain. Diabolic chariot gives you a blind hope of a haute couture death. And they cant stop, just like a -

Machinist. He lives far from crowded parties, rhythms of Mordor and the rattle of wheels surround him. His bitter tear is our blood. Demons burn in his furnaces. His last station is emptiness.

Hologram of emptiness - new life, a beautiful and gloomy ballad, shining with lights that dont exist. Love like a fairy-tale... Belief like hope... Where are you? Dont crawl away... To the world of -

Beasts - a message to those who spoil the land and stain their souls. Your world is a constellation of black holes. Listen and get ready to meet the flaming hell!

The imperious hand of Mordor will find everyone and forgive nobody. Accept the inevitable - this Retributive Rock!!!
  • Orkus - vocals
  • Wolfgun - guitars, keyboards
  • Hombre Pajaro - bass
  • Boomzen-Boomzen - drums
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    mp3Fitnes - Ubytsa.mp3
    mp3Gologramma Pustoty.mp3

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